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Apeda registration online

Apeda Registration in India at just Rs. 2999 (Excluding Govt. Fee & taxes)

Online Apeda registration in India is available at the most reasonable price!

The Agricultural and processed Food Products Export Development Authority which is known with the acronynm Apeda came into existence in 1985. It is formed with the objective to provide financial help, information, and guidelines about the growth and development of export for scheduled products.

After the applicant completed the apeda rcmc registration and pays the required amount, the authority will issue Registration Cum Membership Certificate(RCMC). This apeda rcmc registration is done only once and the registered members are administered with the rules and regulations under the APEDA Act.

Functions of APEDA officials:

  • Standards and specifications are set for the scheduled products.
  • Exporters' apeda rcmc registration on the scheduled products after payment of requisite fees.
  • Enhancing marketing and packaging of the scheduled products.
  • Assessment of products for quality purposes.
  • Training in several sectors of the industries linked with the scheduled products.
  • Gathering of statistics from factory owners.

Documents Required

The following documents are obligatory for Apeda registration online:

  • Application form for the online Apeda registration that is properly filled and properly signed.
  • Copy of the import and export Code provided by the Directorate General of foreign trade.
  • Canceled cheque
  • Bank Certificate which has the signature of the significant authorities.
  • Last two months account statement from the company's bank account for the apeda registration online.

Apeda registration online procedure:

Let's go through each step in detail:
1. Login at the Apeda website for online apeda registration
After you reach the website, go to the "Register as Member" tab. Fill in the details i.e. IE code, mobile number, and e-mail ID, and submit. Then, a one-time password will be provided on the mobile number/email ID, and add the same number on verification and tap submit to proceed.
2. Fill the online application
After completion of verification, fill the online apeda registration application and upload the important documents. The documents should be submitted in PDF, JPEG, or PNG formats only. The online application for online apeda registration must be finished by going through the website using the allocated OTP.
3. Payment procedure
Once the information is filled in the particular fields, save the data properly. The data can be edited until payment does not proceed. After finishing the payment procedure, an application number would be given for future reference.
4. Apeda Rcmc registration
After using RCMC, the login details will be sent to the exporter's registered email. The exporter can login to the account using the "Exporter Login" link provided on the Apeda website.
5. Status of apeda rcmc registration application
The status of apeda rcmc registration can be seen on the "Track application" link after submitting the IE code and application number. If there is any error in the apeda rcmc registration application, the exporter will check the document and resubmit online.
6. Approval of Apeda rcmc registration
The last step in the Apeda RCMC registration is approval from Apeda officials and after the approval is given, the certificate can be downloaded by logging in to the site under the "View RCMC certificate" in the Apeda RCMC registration menu.


What are the benefits of apeda registration online?

Gives authority

Any entity or individual who is willing to export the scheduled products should get online apeda registration which is an authorized backup for the business.

Generates awareness among the exporters

Apeda registration online aids the exporters to stay updated about the current export quality standards, infrastructure support, trade fairs, and agriculture exchange reports.

Improves the development of export infrastructure

After the online apeda registration is completed, the exporters can employ the Apeda financial support for the development of export infrastructure and market expansion activities.

Important schemes

Apeda registration online can help you gain exposure to important schemes. These schemes would cover components like packaging development, market development, export promotion market development, quality management systems.

Boosts eligibility

After availing Apeda registration online, the exporters will be eligible to get hold of several training programs conducted under the Apeda for skills and business growth.

Instructions and guidelines

Apeda Registration online gives instructions and guidelines to the exporters concerned with the different scheduled products and suitable countries for export to augment the business structure.

Financial assistance

Apeda registration online can help to acquire several financial assistance schemes. Thus, apeda registration online is mandatory to get hold of numerous benefits for your export business.

Brand promotion

Exporters can promote their brands and their scheduled products via packaging development, advertisement, surveys, and database up-gradation.

It provides legality

Anyone who wants to work in the export of scheduled products is required to get APEDA registration which gives a legal backup and support to the business.


Answer to your valuable queries

1. How to do Apeda registration online?

Online apeda registration can be conducted at the government website. Apeda registration online firms like Lawgical India can make the apeda license application procedure simple. We will guide you thoroughly with the apeda registration documents and fees.

2. What is meant by the Apeda certificate and who requires it?

Apeda certificate is necessary for the export of agricultural products like meat products, dairy products, vegetables, and fruits. Without an Apeda certificate, you are not permitted to export these mentioned agricultural products.

3. Why is the Apeda certificate canceled?

The below-mentioned are the reasons for Apeda certificate cancellation:

  • When the officer gets any sort of fault in the documents submitted.
  • If the exporter is not able to deliver the products within 1 year from the date of certification.

4. Why is Apeda Registration online necessary?

Apeda registration online is necessary because:

  • This registration is only one-time so don't miss the chance to get hold of numerous benefits.
  • Financial assistance schemes can be acquired after registration only.
  • It permits the registered members to partake in training programs conducted in several industries for scheduled products.

5. What is the aim of the introduction of Hortinet?

The main purpose of the introduction of Hortinet is to motivate the farmers for online registration of their farms. It aids the exporters in determining the quality and reliability of the products.

Apeda Registration

More simple than it looks!
2999/- + Govt. Fees
  • Applying Apeda License
  • Apeda License Certificate
  • GST Registration
  • MSME Registration
  • Professional Website
4999/- + Govt. Fees
  • Applying Apeda License
  • Apeda License Certificate
  • GST Registration
  • MSME Registration
  • Professional Website
14999/- + Govt. Fees
  • Applying Apeda License
  • Apeda License Certificate
  • GST Registration
  • MSME Registration
  • Professional Website


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