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A complete guide to trademark registration online

PUBLISHED ON: Aug 06 2023

In today's interconnected world, protecting your brand's identity is more critical than ever. Businesses are increasingly turning to online trademark registration to safeguard their brand's unique elements. In India, one of the leading entities guiding companies through this process is Lawgical India, a firm specializing in assisting businesses with their trademark registration online.

Understanding Trademark Registration

A trademark is a unique identifier for your business, setting it apart from the competition. It can be a sign, design, or expression that customers come to associate with your products or services. By opting to apply for trademark registration with Lawgical India, you can protect your brand from infringement. The Trade Marks(Amendment) Act governs this process in India, providing comprehensive protection to businesses against the illicit use of their trademarks.

Once you apply for trademark registration online and it gets approved, a registered TM number is provided within three days. However, the official 'R' symbol can only be used once the trademark is formally registered, which usually takes up to two years.

What Can Be Trademarked?

A wide range of elements can be trademarked, including names, words, images, sounds, and logos, among others. Anything contributing to your brand's distinctiveness can be protected. For instance, the three ascending stripes logo of Adidas is an example of a trademarked image.


Deciphering Different Trademark Symbols

Various symbols indicate the status of your trademark registration. With Lawgical India guiding you through the trademark registration online process, understanding these symbols becomes easy:

  • TM Symbol: This can be used while your application for trademark registration is pending, signaling your intent to trademark.
  • SM Symbol: The service mark (SM) is used for services. For example, educational institutions may use this mark.
  • R Symbol: Once your trademark registration online process is complete and the trademark is officially registered, you can use the R symbol.
  • Collective mark: This is used to signify a group of businesses collectively protecting their goods or services.
  • Certification mark: These marks signify the quality or origin of a product, helping to set standards for customers.
  • Shape mark: This protects the unique shape of a product, distinguishing it from competitors.
  • Pattern mark: For products with unique design patterns.
  • Sound mark: A sound associated with a product or service by a specific supplier.

The Process of Online Trademark Registration With Lawgical India

Lawgical India is a trusted partner in your journey towards trademark registration online. Here's how the process works:

1. Pick a Unique Brand Name

Selecting a brand name that is unique and capable of attracting customers is the first step. It should not already be registered or be too generic.

2. Provide Required Documents

When you apply for trademark registration online with Lawgical India, you need to furnish certain documents based on the nature of your business:

For an individual or HUF:
  • Identity proofs like PAN cards or Aadhar cards.
  • Business Registration Document.
In the case of a Company or LLP:

3. Fill the Trademark Application on the Portal

Lawgical India makes it simple and hassle-free to apply for trademark registration online. We assist you in filing the application, ensuring all necessary documents are submitted.

4. Verification of the Brand Name Application

Next, the Registrar verifies if your brand name complies with existing laws. It should not be offensive or too similar to existing brand names.

5. Publication in the Indian Trade Marks Journal

After verification, your brand name is published in the Indian Trade Marks Journal. There is a three-month period post-publication where objections can be raised.

6. Issuance of Trademark Registration Certificate

If no objections are raised within 90 days, the Registrar will provide the Trademark Registration Certificate. You can now use the R symbol beside your brand name.

Various Trademark Applications

Depending on the specific kind of trademark and the category of goods and services it pertains to, there are different applications that you can file during your trademark registration online process with Lawgical India:

  • TM-1: This application is necessary when specifying the goods or services associated with the trademark.
  • TM-22: Used specifically when dealing with a trademark linked to textiles.
  • TM-2: For a trademark that includes goods or services from a convention country and falls under a particular classification. 
  • TM-52: This application is utilized when registering different classes of goods or services originating from any convention country.
  • TM-51: Use this when registering a trademark that pertains to several classes of goods or services.
  • TM-8: If your trademark applies to certain goods or services and falls under Section 15, then this is the application to go for.
  • TM-37: This pertains to a series of trademarks from a convention country, providing a specification of goods or services under Section 154(2).
  • TM-3: If you're registering a collective mark for the classification of goods or services, this is the application required, as per Section 63(1).
  • TM-4: Under Section 71(1), this application is used to register a certification trademark for a specified class of goods or services.
  • TM-45: This application is used for a textile trademark, excluding a certification trademark or collective mark, that consists solely of numerals or letters. It pertains to goods or services included in one item of the Fifth Schedule, under rule 145, from a convention country as per Section 154(2).

Each of these applications serves a specific purpose in the trademark registration process. Through Lawgical India, you can ensure that the correct applications are made for your unique trademark requirements.

In Case of Rejection

If your online trademark registration is rejected due to reasons outlined in Section 9 and Section 11 of the Trademark Act, you can appeal to the Appellate Board against the Registrar's decision within three months of the rejection.


Trademark registration online is a vital step towards safeguarding your business's brand identity. With Lawgical India, the process of applying for trademark registration is made straightforward, efficient, and transparent. Trust Lawgical India to protect your brand and ensure your business stands out in a highly competitive marketplace. Invest in trademark registration online today to secure your business's future.


Q: What is a trademark?

A: A trademark is a unique sign, design, or expression that helps distinguish one brand from its competitors. It can be a name, logo, sound, or even a pattern.

Q: What is the difference between the TM, SM, and R symbols in trademarks?

A: The TM symbol denotes a trademark and can be used even if registration is still pending. The SM symbol is used for service marks to denote services like education. The R symbol signifies a registered trademark and can be used once a registration certificate has been issued.

Q: How can Lawgical India assist with trademark registration online?


A: Lawgical India provides a comprehensive solution for online trademark registration. They guide you through the process, help you fill out the necessary applications, ensure all required documents are in order, and assist in dealing with any issues that may arise during registration.

Q: What types of trademarks can be registered in India?

A: In India, you can register various types of trademarks, such as product trademarks, service marks, collective marks, certification marks, shape marks, pattern marks, and sound marks.


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