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Company Authorization and Registration In Agra

Agra city, situated on the banks of the holy Yamuna river, is one of the conventional tourist destinations. The reason behind being the possessor of the several architectures of the Mughal Era. In the recent evaluation report concerning smart cities, Agra has topped the rank in the state of Uttar Pradesh beating Ahmedabad (Gujrat) along with the other two cities, Kanpur and Varanasi. Agra is also a growing hub for setting up new businesses and architectures like buildings, apartments, malls, flyovers, roads and shopping complexes. 


Kickstarting a company in such a technologically advancing and alluring city will help your business grow dynamically and at an exponential rate. Once you have come to the conclusion of setting up your business in the city of Agra, you need to register your business according to the state laws and registration criteria set up by the state government.


One needs to fulfill the eligibility criteria for registering his company in Agra. for this, on indeed to be a person of:

  • Indian origin

  • NRI (Non-Resident Indian)

  • OCI (Overseas Citizen of India)

In this blog, you will get a comprehensive idea for the procedure involved and the prerequisites for the registration of a company in Agra. 

Stratagem for Registration of the Company

  1. Before anything else, the eligibility criterion for the registration of the company must be satisfied and competent. The convenient and commodious option would be to contact experts or a designated company like Lawgical India for comprehensive guidance.

  2. Once the entrepreneurs are certain that their eligibility criteria is fulfilled then the legal documentation must be collected.

  3. After this, the directors and the shareholders ought to apply for the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and Director Identification Number (DIN).

  4. Following the step, the founding members must file an application to reserve a name for their company.

  5. The founding members then need to contact a lawyer for further assistance and draft their company’s legal documents combined with Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.

  6. After the previous step, the entrepreneurs must file an application for consolidation with RoC following the submission of the following forms: Form INC-7, Form INC-22 and Form DIR-12.

  7. The last and the final step in the process of registration of the company would be payment to the RoC i.e. the required stamp duty and the processing fee.

For the verification of the details, the regional office of Delhi will review the documents and if satisfied, then will issue a certificate of Incorporation to the firm or the company. 

Requirement of the Essential Documents

The essential documents for the registration of the firm or the company varies according to the nature of the company which is going to register itself in the city of Agra.

Documents Required for Private Limited Company

  • Maximum of 2 photographs of all the shareholders and directors in the company.

  • Pan Card of all the designated shareholders and directors of the company.

  • One ID Proof and One Address Proof of all the shareholders and the directors (Aadhar Card is applicable). 

  • Email and Phone numbers of all the delegated shareholders and the directors.

  • Registered Office address proof of the pronounced company.

  • Director Identification Number (DIN) of all the directors deputed in the company.

Documents Required for the Public Limited company

All the documentation requirements for a public limited company is exactly similar to the documentation essentials listed for the private limited company except the stipulation of the DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) which is obtained in the name of the main director of the company issued by the Income Tax Department as the evidence for the identity proof.

Rock Bottom Prerequisites

Similar to the requirement of the documents, the requirements for the registration of the company also depends upon the essence of the company.

Requirements for a Private Limited Company 

  • Minimal of 2 and maximum of 200 shareholders.

  • Minimal of 2 and maximum of 15 directors.

  • Address proof, Identity proof and Pan Card is mandatory for the Directors. 

  • Registration for an Indian Address only.

  • Companies ought not to accept deposits from the public and also not issue shares to the public.

Requirements of a Public Limited Company 

  • Minimal of 7 shareholders and no lid upon the maximum limit.

  • Minimal of 3 directors and one of them must be an Indian citizen. 

  • Registration for an Indian Address only.

  • Address proof, Identity proof and Pan Card is mandatory for the Directors.

  • Director Identification Number (DIN) of every director.

  • Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) of one of the respective directors.

Generally, the firms or organizations who deal in large capital investments tend to choose and opt for a Public Limited Company.


Validity of the Registration 

The registration of the company or the firm is valid forever until the government incorporates any changes into the pre-applicable procedure. It is mandatory for the company to submit its name before the commencement of the registration process or within the 6 months of the availability of the name in public.

How Lawgical India Work Towards The Company Registration

Lawgical India is an authorized and delegated organization which you can contact unhesitatingly for the purpose of getting your company registered. Our firm provides an easy and effective technique for the registration of your company whether it is a private limited company, public limited company, partnership firm registration, one member company and considerably more. 


We follow a certain procedure for registering a company, the steps are stated as:

1- First and Foremost Step: Obtaining the Information

In the wake of propagation and circumnavigating the entire website and grasping the hint of information for exercising the registration of the company, contact or chat with our consultant for obtaining the detailed information.

2- Fee Payment

We offer the facility for the payment of the fee online and offline too. The offline methodology to be used can be through Cheque/NEFT (National Electronic Funds transfer)/RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement). Get the payment confirmation or the money receipts via SMS or Email.

3- Call or Email Receival

After getting the desired information through call or chat, our consultant will call you for commencing the registration process.

4- Uploading the Documents

Once the registration process is started, you would be required to upload the required documents (already mentioned above in the blog).

5- Rearmost Step: Reporting following Company Registration



After the upload of the documents, the actual work of our company starts and we will update you of each step through messages or email. So, kindly give your inbox a regular check for getting the real time updates.