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Meme Marketing – How to use for Digital Marketing?

PUBLISHED ON: Feb 27 2023
PUBLISHED IN: Digital Marketing

Memes are content forms that use elements from current situations to make people laugh. Eventually, meme marketing has gained much popularity recently. However, several marketers invest in advertising memes to keep their audiences entertained.

Although memes are not just limited to entertainment, they are an essential part of digital marketing. Marketers use memes to reach out to and engage with their audience. The best part of the meme marketing trend is no restrictions of its to a share on a platform. This blog will guide you to the world of meme marketing and shed light on what you should consider while making it. 

What is Meme Marketing?

Meme marketing trends are viral sensations and the most shared content overall on social media platforms. Hence, corporations use memes to connect with their audience and provide something they resonate with. Therefore, meme marketing refers to using memes to promote products or services across different digital channels, and they are highly relevant and snackable to help firms capture the audience’s attention.


Benefits of Meme Marketing

Several benefits of meme marketing will keep your audience hooked and enable your brand in the long run, are as follows:

1. Memes are free:

Making memes comes with zero cost. You need an online image editor and a motive to design a meme that boosts your brand engagement with the audience. The meme can go viral when you create something out of the box.

2. Great reach:

Viewers frequently lookout for memes, and if your memes are funny enough to share with the closest one, you certainly achieve a good reach for your brand. So, use the right keywords and hashtags to boost your original meme reach.

3. High Engagement:

People who enjoy your memes will like, share, and comment. Though, a good meme has the potential to make the viewer stop scrolling and engage with the content. Hence, your engagement will reach newer heights. 


Things to consider while meme marketing

Memes are pretty crucial for digital marketing, while making one is easy. By advertising, memes can reach out to different audiences for engagement. Go through these considerations while meme marketing:

1. Target Audience:

You should know your target audience before making memes. Because while marketing memes, you should have the idea for the right balance of marketing and content to make you look witty and help you connect better with the audience. For instance, to reach out to kids through memes, you must add colors and graphics in the meme and jargon that the kids will understand. However, this strategy will not work for adults. Although a meme’s primary purpose is to entertain your audience. So, please do not make it sound too sales oriented.

2. Originality:

You can take inspiration from some memes. However, Try not to copy them. You must maintain your memes’ originality to stand out from the crowd. Adding a twist is crucial to meme marketing. So, think out of the box and brainstorm ideas about adding your brand’s touch to the meme.

3. Follow the meme marketing trend:

If you want your meme to go viral, select the right topic and time to post it. If you post a meme every alternate day, the audience might consider it spam, so choose the trends wisely and refrain from making them for every minor event.

4. Try not to be aggressive: 

Avoid hurting a community, or an individual, if you want to do meme marketing. You must take the opinion of your colleagues before posting it on any digital channel. Also, try creating funny marketing memes rather than those that can hurt people’s religious or cultural sentiments to lighten the target customer’s mood.

5. Branding:

Meme marketing has multiple objectives, though branding memes is the primary one. So, make memes relevant to your brand because a good meme can connect business with entertainment. Hence, find a connection with your industry and create something that reflects your brand’s identity. Also, when making memes for social media marketing, you should use brand elements like colors, mascots, etc. 

6. Follow the rules:

Memes are a content form that provides a platform to express the creativity of ongoing trends. However, there are a few rules that you must follow while making memes to maximize their impact of it. So, the rules are as follows:

  • Make your content simple and crisp.
  • Do not try to change the original memes meaning.
  • Always check the meaning of the phrases before adding them to the meme.
  • Always add CTA (Call-to-action) for a great engagement.



Meme marketing has become an exceptional marketing strategy for informing and entertaining audiences simultaneously. As we know, a massive section of the audience is now spending time on memes, so create engaging and relatable memes for the audience. To keep up with all trends, you must know how to make memes and market them across channels. Contact Lawgical India for any queries related to digital marketing. We are always there to tackle all your issues.

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