Udyam Aadhaar (MSME) Registration

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Udyam Aadhaar (MSME) Registration

Online Udyam Aadhaar (MSME) Registration in India at just Rs. 999 (Excluding Govt. Fee & taxes)

After July, 2020, all the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) will be known as UDYAM. These MSMEs are the biggest support of any economy and they are responsible for any changes in the economic process and development of the country. The notification also states that exports of products and services will be excluded while calculating the turnover of these businesses. The registration process is also called MSME Udyam registration or Udyog Aadhar registration online. MSME was established to promote, facilitate and develop the competitiveness of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises on October 2, 2006


MSME UDYAM registration or udyog Aadhar registration online is entirely online supported self declaration and no requirement of uploading documents, photos or proofs. The other requirement for enterprises to get registered is to get their Aadhar number.


An enterprise will be classified as micro, small or medium enterprises and get their Aadhar udyog registration or udyog Aadhar registration online supported following criteria:

  • Micro enterprise is an enterprise where investment of plant & machinery is not quite 1 crore rupees & annual turnover does exceed 5 crore
  • Small enterprise is an enterprise where investment in plant & machinery isn't over 10 crore rupees and turnover doesn't exceed 50 crore rupees
  • Medium enterprise is an enterprise where investment in plant & machinery isn't over 50 crore rupees and turnover is a smaller amount than 200 and fifty crore rupees.

Becoming a micro, small or medium enterprise –

  • Any person intending to establish a micro, small or medium enterprise can submit Udyog Aadhar registration online under the Udyam registration portal, supported self-declaration without the requirement to upload the certificates or any other documents.
  • On registration, an enterprise (referred to as ― Udyam within the Udyam Registration portal) is going to be assigned a permanent positive identification to be referred to as ― MSME Udyam registration number.
  • After completing the registration process, an electronic certificate namely “MSME Udyam Registration Certificate” is generated.
  • In this way a company can apply for Aadhar Udyog registration or Udyog Aadhar registration online.

MSME Registration online Process –

  • The form for msme registration online will be as given in Udyam Registration portal.
  • There'll be no fee for filing Udyam Registration or msme registration online
  • Aadhaar number shall be required for Udyam Registration or aadhar udyog registration or msme registration online.
  • The Aadhaar number should belong to the proprietor in the case of a MSME firm, on the other hand in case of a partnership firm, it should be of the managing partners and in case of a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), it should be of the Karta.
  • The organization or its authorized signatory has to provide its GSTIN and PAN along with its Aadhaar number in case of a company or a financial limited partnership or a cooperative or a trust,
  • Only if the business is duly registered as Udyam with PAN, the deficiency of data for previous years when it did not have PAN will be filled up on self-declaration basis.
  • All activities fall under only one Udyam registration, provided that any number of activities including manufacturing or services or both may be specified or added in one Udyam or msme registration or aadhar udyog registration.
  • If someone willingly tries to misrepresent or attempts to suppress the mentioned facts and figures appearing in the MSME Udyam registration or update process will be held liable to a penalty as per Section 27 of the Act.

MSME Udyam Registration of existing enterprises

  1. All existing enterprises registered under EM–Part-II or UAM will re-register on the MSME Udyam registration portal on or after 1st July 2020.
  2. All enterprises registered till 30th June, 2020, shall be re-classified in accordance with this notification.
  3. All present enterprises registered before 30th June, 2020, shall still be valid just for a period up to the 31st day of March, 2021
  4. An enterprise registered with the other organization under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises shall register itself under MSME Udyam Registration.

Updation of knowledge and transition period in classification

  1. An enterprise having MSME Udyam registration number shall update its information online within the MSME Udyam Registration portal, including the main points of the ITR and therefore the GST Return for the previous year and such other additional information as could also be required, on self-declaration basis.
  2. If you do not update the relevant information within the amount as per Udyam net registration portal, the business will be responsible for suspending its status.
  3. Business classification is updated based on knowledge provided or obtained from government sources including ITR or GST returns.
  4. It is in the case of graduation (from a lower to a better category) or reverse graduation (relegation to a lower category) of a company that a notice of change of status is sent to the company.
  5. In the case of an upward change in terms of investment in plant and machinery or equipment or turnover or both and subsequent reclassification, the enterprise will retain its prevailing status until the expiry of 1 year from the end of the year of registration.
  6. In case of reverse-graduation of an enterprise, whether as a results of re-classification or thanks to actual changes in investment in plant and machinery or equipment or turnover or both, and whether the enterprise is registered under the Act or not, the enterprise will continue in its present category till the closure of the year and it'll incline the advantage of the changed status only with effect from 1st April of the year following the year during which such change passed off.


Few doubts important to be resolved quickly

1. Is my physical presence required during the company incorporation process?

No, every process involved with MSME registration is done online .Your work is only to send scanned documents and forms and all e-forms will be filled electronically on Udyog Aadhaar portal.

2. Is MSME registration online mandatory?

Not at all, aadhar udyog registration online is not compulsory but it is highly recommended to get one as you get the access to various schemes and subsidies of the government.

3. What is the validity of MSME registration online or Udyog Aadhar registration online?

Initially you are given a Provisional Registration Certificate valid for a period of 5 years. And then after five years you can apply for Final Registration.

4. What are the loan benefits you get from MSME registration online?

Banks always give preference to MSME registration entities then normal enterprises. Other benefits include:

  • Less interest rate on loans
  • Preferential treatment if any delay happens
  • Other government subsidies: Bank loans, etc.

5. How to compute the total value of plants and machinery?

Invoice value of plant and machinery is to be considered when computing the total value of plant and machinery while registration.

6. In which cities, MSME registration online or Udyog Aadhar registration online services are provided?

Currently we are covering up the whole India. So just contact us without any hesitation.

Udyam Aadhaar (MSME) Registration

More simple than it looks!
  • Registration within 3 days
  • Udyam Registration Certificate
  • ISO Certification
  • Trademark Application Filing
  • Registration within 3 days
  • Udyam Registration
  • ISO Certification
  • Trademark Application Filing
  • Registration within 3 days
  • Udyam Registration
  • ISO Certification
  • Trademark Application Filing


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