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Add Partners In LLP

LLP is a relatively new type of business entity that has the perks of both, A company and a partnership combined into a single form of organisation. Where one partner is not responsible for others incompetence or negligence. But for various reasons, there maybe a requirement for adding a new partner in the existing partnership

Types Of Partners

Designated Partners

  • Designated Partners are authorized to sign the Statement of Account and Solvency at the time of Annual Filing of LLP
  • The LLP must meet all the annual compliance within a specified period in a prescribed manner. If not then every Designated Partner will be imposed with a fine.
  • The Designated Partner is authorised to file the returns and other documents of the LLP.
  • He is liable to reimburse all the expenses incurred by the investigator at the time of inspection.

Normal Partners

  • Every Partner has a right to conduct business activities of the LLP.
  • Every Partner is liable to attend his/her duties diligently.
  • Any difference arising between the partners may be decided by a majority of the Partners, and every Partner has the right to express his opinion on that the matter.
  • Every Partner and their authorized representative(in the event of death of partner) has a right to access, inspect and copy the book of accounts of the LLP.

Company Registration Procedure

More simple than it looks!

1. Pass resolution for admission of partner

  • Execute Resolution of letter head of LLP
  • Resolution of required signature of authorized partner
  • Details on subject matter
  • Affix stamp of LLP

2. Execute amendment to LLP agreement

  • It should contain T&C for the partner joining in
  • Previous LLP agreement can be amended.
  • If there is no capital change, the agreement can be executed on 100/- on stamp paper
  • This supplementary agreement should have signs of the existing partner and the new partner
  • Filing of form 4 and form 3. Intimating change of partner in LLP

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Documents Required

This is all we need from you

  • PAN card or Passport
  • Voter’s ID/Driver’s license
  • Latest bank statement/Mobile bill or telephone bill/ electricity bill
  • Notarized rent agreement in english
  • NOC from the owner of the property
  • Property deed/sales deed in english in case of owned property
  • PAN card/ Aadhar card for nominee director.


Few doubts important to be resolved quickly

There is no maximum number. A partner can leave anytime, added anytime.Although there should be at least 2 partners in a LLP.

The partner will need to fill DIR form 3 & 4 and submit it to authorities before joining.

Yes, a foreign national can be made a LLP partner. Although, he’d need to furnish his passport corresponding to the documents required by Indian partners.He’d also have to notarise his passport if it is in any other language except english.

They are of various types, some of them are :

  • Equal partners
  • Husband and wife LLP
  • Differential rights LLP Partners
  • Differential rights and differential power LLP Partner

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