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Remove A Director From Company

Every private company is supposed to have at least 2 directors while a public corporation needs to have 3 directors. A private company has the power to remove a director if he is proved to be incompetent under the specified act, absence herself/himself from board activities over 12 months. It enters into agreements or arrangements against the provisions of sector 184.


  • The duplicate of the said notice is sent to the executive who is to be expelled
  • Executive should be given a chance to be heard in the meeting
  • If the executive gives any composed portrayal to the notice, at that point portrayal might be given to all individuals
  • The company might inside 30 days from the expulsion of the executive record form number 32 and a duplicate of the determination with the registrar.


1. Issues with the board

When there are numerous directors working in the board, the disputes are bound to happen. If that comes in the way of the objectives of the organisation or it hinders the performance in any way the responsible person will be sacked after due considerations.

2. Misuse of the company affairs

When a director gets introduced in the illegal practises using companies’ resources. Thus, to defend the circumstance appearing from such activities and to defend the company he may be fired by due considerations.

3. Suspension due to infringement

Any non-adherence, compliance or incompetency can lead to directors removal

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Age demarcation

Although there is no fixed age for being a director but it should be necessary that the person getting in the contract must be competent enough.



Although it is not a criteria but there should be atleast one indian in the BOD.


Limit of valid directorship

An individual can only be a director of 20 companies at a time. Among this, there can only be 10 public companies

Documents Required

This is all we need from you

  • Passport sized photograph
  • PAN Card
  • Proof of Address
  • Digital Signature Certificate
  • ID Proof
  • Mobile number and personal and official Email id
  • Notice of resignation filed with company
  • Proof of dispatch
  • Acknowledgement form, if received.


Few doubts important to be resolved quickly

No, every process involved with private limited company is done online .Your work is only to send scanned documents and forms and all e-forms will be filled electronically on MCA Portal.

Required experience

Digital Signature Certificate is a instrument via which you can sign all the documents electronically. As every process of one person company is done online hence DSC is one such important step in the process.

With no specific figures the expenditure is expected to lie around Rs.25000 and involves Accounting & Auditing, Annual Compliance & Misc. Compliance expenditure as its main 3 aspects.

These articles contributes a really important piece of information for the directors and shareholders as it comprises of their roles and responsibilities for the company and contains all the rules, vision and mission of your private limited company.

In private limited company the minimum number of director is two while the maximum is 200.


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