Renewal Procedure for shop and establishment online

The Renewal Procedure for shop and establishment online

PUBLISHED ON: Jul 26 2023
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As shop and establishment online is regulated by respective states distinctly, there can be varied procedures for shop and establishment registration for different states. Similarly, the renewal process for the same also varies from state to state, and a shop or establishment owner must apply for the renewal before the license expires. There is also a procedure to rectify the mentioned information in an already issued shop and establishment license, and this renewal is different from the one that is mandatory before the expiration of the license. 

Renewal Procedure for Shop and Establishment 

Since renewal is crucial to carrying a shop and establishment online, this post will discuss the renewal procedure for shop and establishment registration. Below is the most common method followed throughout India and can provide a basic idea for renewal procedures in any state. Let us begin by first understanding what documents are required for the renewal of online shop and establishment registration in India. 

Documents Required for Renewal Procedure for Shop and Establishment Registration in India

Here are the documents that an applicant requires to renew the license for a shop and establishment online: 

  • An original copy of the shop and establishment certificate.
  • A passport-size photograph.
  • PAN card details.
  • Name and address of the shop or establishment.
  • Registers maintained to date.
  • Identity proof.
  • Rental agreement.
  • Number of employees in the shop or establishment.
  • Electricity bill copy. 

Renewal Procedure for Shop and Establishment Registration in India

Let us now go through the steps an applicant must follow to renew their online shop and establishment registration in India successfully: 

Official Portal

Start with visiting the official website of your respective state's labor department. Remember that some states also work partly offline and have physical offices that you can utilize for this process. In addition, we have mentioned the online process here that you can go through at home as well. As you visit the official labor department website, you will find an application form to renew your license. 

Application Form 

Some states require the applicants to download the form and submit a physical copy to its office. However, some states rely on the online renewal process and hence would need you to fill out the form online with the necessary details and submit it. 


After submitting the application form, you will be asked to submit all essential documents relevant to your shop and establishment online license. Again, your state may require you to submit the documents along with the form at the physical office only. 


This is the most variable factor, as it depends entirely on your state. Different states charge different renewal fees, depending on your business industry. If the payment option is unavailable online, you can pay the fee at the physical centers available in every state. 


After you have completed all formalities, the labor department will assign an inspector to cross-check your details and documents. The person may also visit your shop or establishment physically to verify everything mentioned in your application. Remember that after you make the payment, it can take up to seven days to complete the entire process. 


After successful verification by the inspection officer, the labor department of your respective state will grant a renewed shop and establishment online license to you. This license will also carry a similar validity, and you have to renew it again following the same process.  


The applicant can either download an online copy of the license or collect a physical one from the labor department of his state. 

Benefits of Shop and Establishment Registration in India

There are various benefits of carrying a valid shop and establishment license in India, which are as follows: 

  • It not only provides legal recognition to your business but also classifies it into a specific industry type for various other registrations and legal procedures. 
  • The license also acts as proof of the owner's business and can add credibility to the company. 
  • Every business owner requires a valid shop and establishment registration to avail of loans or raise capital in India. 
  • The license also regulates the operations of the business and protects the rights of its employees. 


The renewal procedure for shop and establishment registration is the same as the registration process itself. As it is a mandatory document to establish a business in India, you must ensure its validity from time to time. Also, remember to renew it before its expiration date. Moreover, if you need help registering or renewing the license, you can contact our team of legal experts at Lawgical India, who ensures a hassle-free registration process for all businesses and industries. Contact us to learn more. 

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