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Get Your Own Digital Signature Certificate

Digital signatures are the most authentic and shielded form of submission of an application electronically. These represent the digital form of physical or paper signatures. The digital signatures ensure the authenticity of the document and corroborate that the contents of the document are unaltered and unchanged. Nowadays, digital signatures are of utmost importance because physical signatures can be copied and are tranferrable. 

What is a Digital Signature?

A signature is a mark on a document which signifies the approval and consent of the document. A Digital Signature is a procedure to verify the authenticity and genuineness of the digital documents or messages. In simple words, it is a kind of virtual validation of the documents and determining that the subject of the document is not changed. The assurance of non-repudiation can also be maintained with the help of digital signatures. The advantages of digital signatures is that they are not portable and cannot be easily imitated by someone else.


If you are assuming that electronic signatures are equivalent to digital signatures, then you are completely wrong in your assumption!!!!


An Electronic Signature is a mark or symbol which is electronically associated with the document or the order and the symbol is decided by the person himself whereas a Digital Signature embeds a fingerprint with the document and is compulsorily prescribed by the Certificate Authorities (CA).

What is a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)?

A Digital Signature Certificate is a digital form of identity proof like driving license, passport etc. The obligatory issuer of the certificate is the licensed Certificate Authority. The certification authorities often issue a public key and a private key with the certificate to facilitate secure signatures. The public key can be shared with anyone and the private key is kept secret with the person and is known to just himself. The key which is used to decrypt the encrypted message is known as the decryption key. There are several algorithms for the generation of the digital signature used by the specified certificate authorities.


A Digital Signature Certificate comprises of the following information:-

  • User name 

  • Pincode

  • Country 

  • Email address

  • Date of issuance of the certificate 

  • Name of the certifying authority

Digital Signature Class 3 Certificate

The class 3 certificates are identically defined and usable for any e-commerce company or any trading company. These signatures are required for the company that is more susceptible to information disclosure, data-theft, security breaches and other similar kinds of threats. After class 2 certificate discontinuation, this reformed version is used where there is a requirement of high security like online trading and e-commerce, where the information transmitted within should be kept confidential. 


Class 3 certificates are used in following processes:-

  • Electronic submissions of tenders and auctions

  • e-bidding

  • Patent filing

  • Logo filing

  • Registrar of corporations filing

  • Income tax e-filing

  • Signing pdf or word documents

Prerequisites for Application of Digital Signature Certificate

For the approval of a Digital Signature Certificate, there are different criterias pre-defined for different people. The description of each of them is below: 


Indian Individuals: Documents Required

The Indian Nationals who require Digital Signature Certificate need the following documents to be submitted:-

  1. For Proof of Identity

Paper based procedure

One can submit the following documents for the proof of identity:

  • Aadhar Card

  • Passport

  • Driving License

  • Pan Card

  • Post Office ID Card

  • Bank account passbook with photograph

  • Photo ID Card issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Centre or any State government.


Any of the documents you are submitting for the proof of identity need to be self-attested by the holder. 


Paperless procedure

The documents required to be submitted in paperless procedure are the same as paper based procedure but they do not require to be self-attested, instead the person needs to provide the number of the particular card.

  1. For Proof of Address

One need to submit one of the following documents for the proof of identity:

  • Aadhar Card

  • Voter ID Card

  • Driving License

  • Water Bill / Electricity Bill 

The criteria for paper based and paperless procedure for the submission of the documents is similar to the Identity Proof defined as for paper based procedure of DSC application, the documents needed to be self-attested and for paperless procedure, one need to provide the numbers of the respective document.

Indian Organizations: Documents Required

All the organizations whether company, partnership, sole proprietorship, LLP, NGO/Trust or a private limited company need to submit the following documents alongwith the digital signature form and organization name:-


  1. Applicant’s ID card or letter issued by the respective organization

  2. Applicant’s Photo

  3. Company Pan Card

  4. Copy of Bank Statement (first two pages)

  5. Copy of last Income Tax return

  6. Copy of Company’s Registration Certificate

  7. AOA/MOA or Rules (first two pages)

Foreign Individuals: Documents Required

The foreign people who are in need of Digital Signature Certificate need to submit the following documents:-

  1. For Proof of Identity

  • Applicant’s passport 

  • Applicant’s VISA 

  • Applicant’s Resident Permit Certificate 


All the documents should be self-attested.

  1. For Proof of Address

  • Applicant’s passport with self-attested copy

  • Copy of Address proof issued by any government with self- attest


Foreign Organizations: Documents Required

Foreign Organizations need to submit the self-attested copies of the exactly similar documents as foreign individuals.

Process of Obtaining DSC 

Lawgical India helps you to obtain your Digital Signature Certificate in a very easy and convenient manner by just following some steps which are described as follows:

First: Collection of Basic Details

The applicant need to submit the basic details for the application which are as follows:

  • Name

  • Gender

  • Address

  • Nationality

  • Country

  • emailID

  • Mobile Number

  • Type of DSC you are applying for


The arenas where we provide the guidance for the application of DSC are: Company Incorporation, MCA e-filing, IT filing, GST filing, Foreign Trade, e-Tenders or for personal use. 

Second: Submission of Necessary Documents

All the necessary supporting documents which are required for the application of Digital Signature Certificate like PAN Card, Passport, Driving License etc. for the identity and address proof with self-attested copy need to be submitted by the applicant. 

Third: Validation of the Documents

This stage is for the auditing of the documents and it is done by following the two defined steps:

Video Recording:

The applicant will receive a video link to his registered mobile number and registered email address where he needs to click on the link and input his personal information like name, address, Date of Birth etc.


The applicant will then receive a message with DSC application ID and a phone no. on which he needs to reply with DSC Application ID, Name, Mobile Number and emailID.


After the successful verification of the documents, we will issue your Digital Signature Certificate USB Token also called an e-token, which is a password-protected physical device holding your digital signature.

Why Choose Lawgical India?

We are the authentic and licensed authority to help you regarding the issuance of the Digital Signature Certificate as we have tie ups with certain government certified authorities who are chosen for the work. Some of the reasons why one should choose Lawgical India for their DSC approval are:-

  • DSCs with Lawgical India are simple, speedy and hassle free.

  • We offer transparency in the process undergone for the approval of DSC for the applicant.

  • Data confidentiality is also guaranteed by us.