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How to Register Your Food Business with Zomato?


“Nothing Brings Together Like Good Food”

From the past few years, India has globalized a lot and advanced digitalization has affected a lot of today's generation in a positive way. The evolution and enlargement of online food business registration systems has made a way to a lot of emerging food business start-ups in India. People have shifted to online business at the place of offline business. Regarding the food industry, people prefer to buy food online more rather than going to the store and purchasing it for themselves. 


Today various platforms are available for online food business registration like Zomato, Swiggy and many more. Zomato is an Indian food assemblage and food delivery start up originated in 2008. Zomato provides information, menu and food delivery mechanism for people. It works on the principle of developing partnership with various restaurants and allowing delivery of food in almost all the cities. It has also benefited users in saving time, effort and money in placing orders and boosting for their restaurant partners.

Growth of Zomato as a Business

  • Zomato was started by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah in partnership somewhere around 2008. The company was India’s first far-fetched food tech company in India. 
  • Amid lockdown due to COVID-19 outbreak, zomato has also begun grocery delivery. 
  • In April 2020, Zomato also introduced the first-ever system of CONTACTLESS DINING for people considering post-lockdown situations. 
  • In August 2020, Zomato was also applauded for introducing a PERIOD LEAVE POLICY for females which includes taking up 10 days time off per year if they are unable to work due to menstrual health effects. This policy is applied to transgenders also.
  • In October 2020, Zomato, being part of Series J round of funding, raised $52 million from Kora, a US-based investment firm.

How to Associate with Zomato for Your Food Business?

Zomato is a global food business connecting 24 countries and more than 10,000 cities and globally acknowledged too. It helps their partners to provide them greater reach and helps their businesses to grow and expand faster.


The process involved for food business registration with Zomato and other online food-business providing companies is a 6-step procedure which need to be followed by every food business seeking to register themselves with Zomato:


  1. Visit the official website of Zomato.

  2. Create a Zomato review listing.

  3. Submit request for Zomato Partner registration

  4. Call the Zomato tie-up contact number as an alternative, available on the website of Zomato.

  5. Keep soft copies of the required legal documents ready with you.

  6. Get the necessary paperwork done and go live.

Documents Required for the Registration

The food business registration process with Zomato is very easy and convenient and just involves requirement of few legal documents which are as follows:

  1. Restaurant Registration papers

  2. FSSAI License

  3. Owner’s Identity Proof and Address Proof

  4. GST Registration

  5. A copy of Bill or Invoice

Advantages of Food Business Registration with Zomato

Zomato brings lots of benefits for food business registration with themselves. Being an online food tech business company, it proffers various opportunities for online advertising along with your offline advertisement. 

Some of the benefits are as listed below:

  1. Improves your online reputation by up-to-date listing of the restaurant. For it, you need to actively monitor your restaurant’s reviews and listing on Zomato.

  2. Traffic increment after your food business registration with Zomato which leads to more number of orders from your restaurant and more profits thereafter.

  3. No need to care about delivery of the order as all of it is handled by Zomato and other food business delivery people.

  4. Easy and convenient customer service with excellent order tracking and connecting delivery person features.

  5. Helps in the expansion of the restaurant business by assisting restaurants in building the brand image of their restaurant and improving its brand value.

Principles for Restaurants

Zomato is one of the largest online food business companies and allows food business registrations visualizing comfortable and trouble-free online food orders for customers. Certain principles and guidelines are laid out for the restaurants to follow to get them registered with Zomato. Those guidelines are defined as:

Restaurant Name

Inside the Zomato application users identify restaurants and search for them using Restaurant Names. And that’s why the restaurant owners should keep their restaurant names as engaging and as attractive as possible, and keeping at least, should  mention them during their registration process. It should be the name which is on board of your offline shop. The taglines and abbreviations are not accepted in the names.

Restaurant Address

The restaurant address should be properly mentioned and needs to be in a standardized manner as per guidelines because this is the key which guides the customers to the restaurants. If your restaurant is in a building above the ground floor then one should mention the specific floor number for easily locating the diners. More than one landmark and abbreviations  should be mentioned in the restaurant address because it may confuse the customers.

Restaurant Features

The restaurant should also mention restaurant features related to their restaurants for comprehensive understanding of the diners. One needs to fill these attributes during the registration process because people make decisions of where to dine based upon their facilities. Those features can be like:

Whether the restaurant is pure veg or allows both veg and non-veg, availability of WI-Fi, facility of exclusive Happy Hours or if Smoking Area is provided or not.

Business Hours

The restaurant owner should responsibly mention the time at which they start their services or uptill which time they end servicing. If the takeaway or delivery hours and dine-in hours are different from each other, then one should mention it during the registration process.


The facade, ambience and food helps people to get a detailed understanding and decide where to place orders. The facade pictures are the pictures of the restaurant from the exterior and the entrance. The ambience pictures are the pictures which showcases the interior of the restaurant, lighting and sitting arrangement of the restaurant. The food pictures are the pictures of the food the restaurant offers and is specialized in. No images with people are to be put up as directed by Zomato. 


The diners rely highly upon the menus of the restaurants for deciding which restaurant to choose for placing their order and how much it would cost them. Avoid putting up menus without prices because it may affect the user’s decision and he may not even consider your restaurant for placing the order. Only the relevant text should be put on the Zomato application.

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